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Who are we?

We’re frustrated too. Tracking your spending should be simple.

Based in Toronto since 2017, YUPP is a team that’s hellbent on building products that let you simply take control of your spending – because we want the same. We’re connecting with the FinTech community to bring you the best solutions.

Our Product

How can we help?

YUPP is your personal finance sidekick

Securely connect your existing financial accounts and stay on top of your spending. Leverage the source you trust the most: yourself. Defend yourself from credit card fraud. (It affects 1 in 3 Canadians!)

Credit Cards

How can we help?

YUPP is quick, simple, and secure.


Confirm your spending on the spot to eliminate the tedium and uncertainty of delaying your review of monthly statements.

Credit Card

Use the same cards you already love, and organize all your spending in one place - Skip the login dance and visualize your whole financial picture.

Credit Card

Security is important to us. We and our partners ensure all operations follow industry standards, and use HTTPS for all communications.

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Our team has been working hard to allow you to take YUPP with you on any device. We’re dedicated to rolling out our solution across a variety of platforms to allow you to make the most out of your finances.